Oasis of modern designed houses

Construction Phase

We've just ended the construction phase, in which we build all seven AB plates and constructed all infrastructure in the ground and we plugged it to the sewage system.

Construction Phase

We've brought water, electricity and telecommunication to each concrete plate.  We've prepared everything for the parking places, pasages and terraces, so everything is ready for asphalt or paving and for continuing with dry construction. 

At the moment we continue with construction of the objects, namely objects 4 and 5, which will be two-residential, namely till »rohbau« condition. Without any problems and most of all quickly we can continue with construction of all the other object.


Moravske Toplice - Location

The location of objects is utmost importance and our location is extraordinary, because is it located in a village with one of the bigest thermal center of Slovenija in Moravske Toplice.

It is located in the very center of turistic events and also in the embrace of nature,  midst of large meadows, tangled with paths to explore, recreation or biking.

Sunny Oasis


Investor: Recal Media d.o.o., Drago Žuman

Prešernova ulica 3, 9240 Ljutomer

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