Oasis of modern designed houses


Inside there will be ceramics, parquet or vinyl panels laid. It is a lot of decorative lights planned in the object, with possibility to light up thru switches and so can also be possible a smart installation to install.


We are installing top-notch Heroal windows, balcony door are with low treshold. All windows and balcony door are with three-layer glass and equiped with Krpan external electrical blinds operated via remote. Entrance door are from top-notch manufacturer Pirnar. In bathroom will be possible choice of ceramic, shower cabin or ceramic tiles, hanging toilet bowl and bidet, plumbing fixture Grohe or others. Sewage pipes are not-nosy.

The building will be heated through a heat pump, the same will be with a hot water. At the two-residential house will be, for the ground floor, outside part of heat pump installed in atrium, for the first floor etage will be the external unit installed on the Penthouse, so the access will be uninterrupted.  In every residential unit there is air conditioning planned.  The stairs from firs floor will be concreted, coated with wood and to the next floor there will be designed vertical nautical stairs top-notch with glass fence. At the one-residential building there will be everywhere vertical nautical stairs with glass fence mounted.  A color intercom system V-TEK is built-in, thru wich is possible to embed additional cameras and remote door opening system thru GSM network. All the apartments have connection with coaxial conductors for Cabel TV (CATV), already prepared for optical fibers. There is also an internet and cable TV connector in all living places.

Moravske Toplice - Location

The location of objects is utmost importance and our location is extraordinary, because is it located in a village with one of the bigest thermal center of Slovenija in Moravske Toplice.

It is located in the very center of turistic events and also in the embrace of nature,  midst of large meadows, tangled with paths to explore, recreation or biking.

Sunny Oasis


Investor: Recal Media d.o.o., Drago Žuman

Prešernova ulica 3, 9240 Ljutomer

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