Oasis of modern designed houses

Objects and Location

Object is build with Ytong brick, all plates are AB, the building is against the earthquake perfectly designed, with a lot of AB against earthquake pillars on every floor.

Objects and Location

The floating base plate is build on high standards with 70 cm commpressed gramoz, 10 cm of under – concrete, a Izotekt is laid across all the plate, then 5cm of isolation Fibran XPS500 and 30 cm of heavily reinforced AB plates.

Every object stands on its own parcel number and has its own sewage, Electricity supply, water suply on its parcel number etc.  All the object has separately faecal water and meteoric sewage from the car parks thru the oil catcher. Drainage of meteoric water from flat terrace is routed thrue the vertical drainage pipes to a sand-huntings and then from there to the public meteoric drain, which is istalled on the west side of objects or car parks. Drains for the massage pools jacuzzi in ground floors and in Penthouse are also already prepared.

The whole place is going to be build in a way that there will not be any basic and long-term maintenance. Object are going to be isolated with incombustible Multipor isolation, the entire fence will be build from alu tubes in the imitation of wood, front side is going to be partly in a decorative stone, also atriums will be builled up with decorative stone. Car parks are going to be treated with asphalt and partly with pavements. External walking surfaces will be paved and there will also be partly layed WPC panels with decorative artificial turf. On the balconys and Penthauses will be WPC panels layed, exterios at the ground floors and in Penthous will be light up with a lot of led lights. As an option there is also roof glazing  of intermediate passage or winter garden between the objects and also a large glazing on Penthouse and whit that we can gain a  larger closed space.

Moravske Toplice - Location

The location of objects is utmost importance and our location is extraordinary, because is it located in a village with one of the bigest thermal center of Slovenija in Moravske Toplice.

It is located in the very center of turistic events and also in the embrace of nature,  midst of large meadows, tangled with paths to explore, recreation or biking.

Sunny Oasis


Investor: Recal Media d.o.o., Drago Žuman

Prešernova ulica 3, 9240 Ljutomer

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