Oasis of modern designed houses

Objects Plans

As it visible from the objects plans, it's one- or two-residential object possible, everyone has their own entrance, their own parking space and common bicycle shed on the parking place.

Objects Plans

If there is two-residenatial object, it belongs to the lower appartment the parking place, part of bicycle shed, closed, and optional covered with glass, winter garden (pasage), which is connected to the exterior atrium (terace), with a wiew at nearby thermal bath. To the top apartment also belong the parking place, part of bicycle shed, two balconys in first floor, and the whole top etage, which is partly covered – the Penthouse.

In the case of one-residential object has the owner two big parking place, the whole bicycle shed, with outside doors closed winter garden (pasage) and ordered terrace. In the ground floor etage is on the east side the living room, bathroom in the middle and on the west side big kitchen with a dining room. In the first floor there is big room with dressing room, in between there is bathroom and on the west side there can be two more rooms. Up the stairs there is big terrace – the Penthouse, which can be open, or partly closed with glass wall, in both ways it is three-quarters covered. Central space can be used, but especially also the west and east terrace, from where there is a great wiew to the thermal complex with pools.

Moravske Toplice - Location

The location of objects is utmost importance and our location is extraordinary, because is it located in a village with one of the bigest thermal center of Slovenija in Moravske Toplice.

It is located in the very center of turistic events and also in the embrace of nature,  midst of large meadows, tangled with paths to explore, recreation or biking.

Sunny Oasis


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